Adrenal Supplements

Understanding the Adrenal Glands and The Need for Supplements

Stress can produce various influences in the body and it can overwork the adrenal glands as well. What do these glands do? Basically, there are two parts that comprise them. One, the adrenal medulla which is the inner part that releases the hormone adrenaline in the system. Two, the adrenal cortex, found in the outer portion creates and produces different hormones that control the use of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and generate the formation of the male testosterone. What’s more, the outside gland is responsible for the hormone that regulates normal levels of salts and potassium as well as blood pressure and heart rate known as mineralocoticoids.

In cases that abnormality in functioning occurs, the adrenal glands are removed. Sometimes, even thyroid function is linked with the adrenals and may cause the body to attack itself or what is clinically termed as an autoimmune response. Of course, when the adrenal gland is removed, a shift in balance within the system occurs so doctors often prescribed supplements and other treatments to sustain your body. This is true at the start of the recovery process. You may choose among the different adrenal supplements out there such as Adreset, the Cortico B5 B6 or the Cortitrophin drug which is generally a formula of several vitamins and other compounds. This is to prevent further stress, lower fatigue and inflammation, avert allergies and high blood pressure etc. Overall, ensure that you buy supplements at licensed providers, read about the levels or dosage, the side effects which can complicate things and just know if they provide you with the safest ingredients. You can talk about these things when you visit your doctor and a treatment plan will surely come up so it’s best to seek help as soon as you can.