Allergy Medicine

Knowing the Best Allergy Medicines for Dogs

Like people, your canine buddies can have allergies or are at risk for allergy too. When you see them scratching and licking all the time, you know that getting some sort of remedy is needed. What can you do? Well, there are several allergy medicines that you can buy for your dog. But it’s important to take a closer look at the cause of the allergy and assess the condition before getting the medications. In the end, a veterinary consult is safer when you need to administer the allergy medicines.

In general, most dogs are allergic to food, dust mites, even to some of the things around the house such as a pillow, a collar, shampoo and so on. At any rate, the effects are immediately evident and you may notice that your pet scratches like crazy, has red ears or pinkish belly skin, inflamed feet and some hair loss with flaking. In severe cases, they may exhibit sneezing and wheezing with discharges, vomiting, diarrhea etc. To treat this, allergy drugs are given depending on the type of allergy and how serious the condition is.

You can typically find numerous allergy medicines out there including Benadryl, an antihistamine that eliminates the redness and swelling, Atarax which is effective in relieving the itchiness and other allergy symptoms, and Steroids that provide instant relief. Other drugs for dog allergy may include the use of antibiotics, hypoallergenic products, allergy shots, and so on. In getting the right medicine for your dog, you need to find the source of the allergy, assess and evaluate the dog’s condition, get the prescribed drug from your veterinarian and learn some medical tips to make things easier for your dog. Overall, early management may prevent complications to appear and avert the dog’s death in the act.