Anti Depression

What are the Best Anti-Depressant Drugs for Anxiety?

What makes you anxious? It may generally be from an intense fear of something, a stressful situation or as a result of your compulsive behavior. In any case, anxiety is a feeling of dread and unease as a response to something. When you’re anxious, you tend to show physical and cognitive stress like difficulty concentrating, rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure, muscle tension and the like. Although mild anxiety can be useful for you, moderate to severe anxiety isn’t as it can impair your ability to understand and focus on things around you. Even anxiety bordering on panic can be damaging and unsafe.

Generally, for people with a diagnosed anxiety problem, several interventions such as medication and therapy are available and they are usually given as a mixed approach to yield effective outcomes. As for drugs used in treating the anxiety, you can find that many anti-depressant medications are among the drug lineup given to the individuals. The most common anti-depressant medication that your doctor can prescribe for your condition is Fluoxetine or Prozac that works well with panic disorders and compulsive anxiety. This is usually the initial choice to administer as the inhibitor drug has great efficacy and produces fewer side effects.

Another drug that can benefit you is Clomipramine or Anafranil, a cyclic compound, that is helpful for people with moderate to severe level of anxiety. Also, both Paroxetine or Paxil and Sertraline or Zoloft can be effective drug options for people suffering from social phobia, panic anxiety disorder, and other related condition. Of course, these drugs need medical supervision and monitoring especially when the first dose is taken. It’s equally important to check how tolerant the individuals are with the drugs’ side effects and how compliant they are with the diet and activity changes involved with the medication regimen.